I originally made this site to document trail reports. In the summer of 2012 I hiked a few summit trails here in Utah, and was hooked. Whether for myself or others, I wanted to write down how the experience went, details that might help me(or, possibly others) enjoy the experience again(or, for the first time!).

I realized that there were likely some other things I’d want to add too, however, and qualified my title just a little. I’ll probably write a post or two about technology, which, at least for me, is also sort of an adventure. I’m a student in Electrical Engineering, and documenting things I’m able to accomplish in that field is often like a trail report to my fellow engineers. There could be otherwise tech-related posts not necessarily about my own work, as well.

So, whatever you’re here for, I hope enjoy the content, however mixed it may end up being.

My name is Bobby. I’m 25 years old. I love the outdoors, volleyball, and the latest tech.

I also occasionally document some deeper lessons I learn in life…if you’re interested in those, they’re in my other WordPress, Morning Logic.


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