Meeting the Designer and Review of the Kendal and Hyde Classic Leather Satchel (2015)

I recently saw an advertisement for the Kendal & Hyde Classic Satchel, and the photo quickly caught my attention. I’ve actually always thought of getting myself a quality leather messenger bag or satchel. There’s something that’s simultaneously timeless yet unstoppably cool about the style that draws me in. Sure, I’ve tried some less-satisfying cheaper bags…but when I saw some of the pictures of the K&H Satchel, it was as though it was exactly what I’d visualized myself getting someday. I visited the site, and found out that this isn’t just a simple leather bag, either–it includes some modern touches as well. The laptop protection is excellent, and a handful of accessories are available to personalize your bag. I was impressed, and decided to look further into it.

It was hard not to notice the price right away. For a guy who considers paying $100 for a backpack splurging, seeing that the retail cost of the K&H would be $500 was a bit of a shock. There was some consolation in seeing that they were still at a preorder price of $400, but regardless, that’s pretty rich for my blood! I’m not one to write something off based on price alone, though–I believe in getting what you pay for. The bag matched what I’d been looking for too well to dismiss, so I started digging.

The details on K&H’s website were a great start. They give lots of information about the details of the bag, the materials they use, and their mindset in making design decisions. Their guarantee builds a lot of confidence: where most companies are only willing to help in the case of “manufacturer defects,” K&H will have your back, for your lifetime, even if the bag breaks from normal wear and tear. I discovered the comments on the Kickstarter to be very informative–Kendal, who designs the bags, answers nearly every backer comment, sometimes in great detail. Responses include useful information about leather treatment, design details (even some additional pictures), a list of revisions from their previous satchel design, even a breakdown of the differences between their bag and the relatively famous Saddleback products. The transparency and dedication to backers surprised and impressed me.

While all of this gave me a good grasp of what K&H provided and thought of their own product, I did want some third-party perspective, as well. I actually started with a more general search–what sort of things should I look for in a leather bag, indications that would justify the high cost? It turns out this was a wise move that furthered my draw to K&H and their Classic Satchel. It seemed that every time I found a new piece of advice about buying leather, I would compare that information with the descriptions I found from K&H, and sure enough, they met the highest of expectations. Thick, full-grain vegetable tanned leather sourced from North America; solid brass hardware; plenty of gunmetal rivets to strengthen weak points; no liner or excessive stitching to hide thin or incomplete pieces of leather; strong polyester thread where stitching is necessary; etc. Things seemed to be lining up nicely.

I also hoped to find some third-party reviews specifically about Kendal & Hyde’s products. Truth be told, there isn’t nearly as much available as I would like–we’re talking about a fairly new company (around a year old) that is just starting to establish their footing via Kickstarter. I found what I could though, and can essentially sum it up in a sentence: a video review here, a reddit post there, Best Leather gives their first impressions here, and a handful of happy backers give their thumbs up in some comments there. Though to be honest, all but the Best Leather review are actually about the older version of the satchel (the new one hasn’t been released)! This gave me some extra insight about the products and further boosted my confidence in K&H, but it still wasn’t quite enough.

Fortunately, I found out that part of their company base was a short drive from where I live. I decided to see if I could go and check out the satchel…a few emails later, I had a meeting set up with Kendal himself!

When I arrived at the meet, a pile of leather bags quickly grew in front of me: some of their other bags (including the old version of the satchel), their modular bag accessories, other bags they used as design inspiration, future products in the works…and, of course, prototypes for the new Classic Satchel. After doing an embarrassing amount of research on the web about this thing, I finally was able to get my hands on one–not to mention numerous other products, with their very designer available to ask any questions I had!

It’s all-too-often that when I finally get to experience a product in person, I’m a bit disappointed. It doesn’t quite have that special something I fantasized about when I saw the picture. That was the case with cheaper satchels I’ve tried out. This was not the case with the Kendal & Hyde Classic Satchel. The appearance in person was exactly the meeting of classy and cool that I enjoyed in the pictures, but with an added feeling of ruggedness that came from seeing how thick the leather is, how sturdy the hardware appears, and the overall heft of the bag. I started opening the bag to try it out with some of my things that I’d brought for that purpose. Based on some information online, I thought the leather may be very stiff and hard to use, but that also isn’t the case. On cheaper bags I’ve had, the poor leather, poor and excessive stitching, and lining are to blame for making the bag stiff. The quality materials on the K&H bag function very smoothly, while still giving a sense of strength. The buckles are amazingly easy to operate and the whole bag moves just as it needs to, without the undue crinkling or folding common to lesser bags. The very thick leather does have some stiffness, but this mostly just aids in maintaining the bag’s shape, preventing floppiness, rather than making it more difficult to use. These prototypes I tested out are also very new–with time, the leather will wear in, molding to one’s own use.

The straps are awesome. I was wondering about length, since some satchels I’ve tried don’t have nearly enough holes punched in them to help you get that perfect length, but the K&H has plenty. The buckle is as nice as the ones on the bag, and the shoulder pad is very thick. Typically a small bit of neoprene is used for padding on the shoulder, but Kendal didn’t like the way neoprene makes the leather over it fold and crease, so he tried out a another small piece of softer leather instead. This results in a pad that is harder than you’re used to, but will maintain the shape it becomes when resting on your shoulder, won’t create any uncomfortable creases over time, and has a large area of contact that distributes weight. I thought that was pretty clever. The straps are connected to the bag with more of their solid brass hardware, and can roll and twist very easily so that the bag rests comfortably.

Sizing was another factor I was hoping to get a feel for during the visit. Reading the descriptions and advice on their website gives the impression that these bags, size for size, are larger than most bags. I think this is because of the way they’ve been designed around the laptop compartment. Most similar bags are just larger than the laptop they’re meant to hold, but the K&H Satchel’s laptop compartment is a bit different. You can see an animation of how it fits within the bag on the product description page, but it’s essentially utilizing the seam between gussets as a wide protective barrier for the edges of your laptop. As a result, the bag’s overall size is more like the size you’d expect for a bag meant to hold a laptop about 2″ larger in screen size. In fact, larger laptops do fit quite nicely into the main compartment, if you want a smaller bag but have a larger laptop (15″ laptops will fit in the main compartment of the medium satchel, etc.).

Based on this information, and also probably biased by an excessively large satchel I’d recently tried out, I expected a lot of space. What I hadn’t realized, is that the K&H Satchel is fairly compartmentalized. Most satchels are just one large bucket of space, and everything is just sort of thrown into the same main compartment. You’d be lucky to have a front pocket or magazine pocket on the back, and a flat pocket or two on the inside panels. The K&H satchel is divided in the center of the main compartment by the laptop pocket, with the front compartment further broken up with some pockets, and the back compartment the only larger bucket of space. What this meant was, I needed to sort of organize all my things into place within the different pockets. Instead of worrying about my Nalgene crushing my wireless mouse or headphones, it fit snuggly into the back compartment next to the headphones, and didn’t just roll about in my bag. The mouse could be placed in a separate pocket. The take-home message is that the compartments aren’t as wide as similarly sized bags that aren’t divided up, so some wider items will be more snug or may not fit at all (the thermos tube accessory may come in handy for this). Overall, I’d suggest following the advice offered on their webpage: pick the size that fits your laptop. Not only will your laptop get some stellar protection, but the overall effective space isn’t vastly different between sizes. If you have some flexibility as far as laptop is concerned (or don’t mind your larger laptop being in the main compartment of a smaller bag), do consider that the large is pushing the size of a carry on, and the small felt small enough to be a purse, to me. Check out their pictures of 5’9″ Hyde carrying each size for reference. While the bit of extra space from the large is appealing (and would be nice for travel purposes), I felt the medium will suit most of my uses, and my 5’10” 165lb frame, the best.

I didn’t experiment too much with the accessories, but did gather a few notes. The thermos tube was a bit larger than I imagined, even though they have several pictures of it online. The external pockets are pretty sweet looking, and the simple closing mechanism seems very secure. One thing to note about the accessories is that they do have substantial weight, and will only become more heavy when filled…this does make the top flap of the bag less wieldy when the accessories are attached. I imagine most using the thermos tube will attach it to the bottom partially for this reason, though this will make the bag harder to set down. Overall I liked the accessories, and they’d make great add-ons to add some space and organization. I think the backpack straps will be a necessity for myself. I also saw a prototype for a water bottle holder and spoke with Kendal about a few things in the works–he has some cool ideas. I was especially intrigued by accessories that would be able to quick-clip to the same portion of the bag that the shoulder strap attaches to.

I also spoke with Kendal quite a bit about the company. It was fascinating to hear stories about the design process, securing their leather, dealing with hiccups. They design products with the looks and strength of designs that have stood the test of time, but incorporate modern features to address modern needs and add modern convenience. It felt like Kendal had very little tolerance for sub-par product. He has tried and sifted out many suppliers and manufacturers that didn’t meet the standard. The company’s first batch of leather belts didn’t meet this standard, and rather than ship the less-than-perfect product to consumers, they fronted the bill, donated the belts, and started over–a move that nearly put them out of business. I was impressed by their dedication to quality, in addition to taking advantage of opportunities to be charitable. They also donate quality sandals to those in need for every one of their boots purchased. Kendal loves his products, puts his best work into them, and makes himself very available to customers. This is the sort of company I’m happy to support.

Within the next couple weeks, I’ll have a working satchel prototype, and will be able to provide a more detailed review after giving it some use. In the mean time, check out Kendal and Hyde for yourself, and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

Update (9.11.15)! I picked up my prototype yesterday evening! Photos and more hands-on review information to come soon.


I haven’t had much time for trying the satchel out, but thought I’d throw up some quick pictures. Sorry if they’re not especially good pictures, but I wanted to capture a few things I noticed. Disclaimer: my satchel is a prototypeand while it will be very similar to production models, a few things are different. I’ll note differences I’m aware of, so make sure to read the descriptions. I will say upfront that all the hardware, save for the clips on the backpack straps, is not the same as will be on production models. Please let me know of any other pictures you’d like to see. This is a medium satchel in the ‘natural‘ color (but it has been extensively treated, so the natural has darkened a fair amount). Click photos to enlarge.

Front of the bag with single pocket attached.

Front of the bag with single pocket attached.

Back of the bag with backpack straps attached. Note that they don't have shoulder pads--this will be the case with production versions of the backpack, despite being shown with them on the K&H website.

Back of the bag with backpack straps attached. I’m told the production version will come with the pads shown in the picture on the K&H website.

Inside with 13

Inside with 13″ Macbook Pro in laptop sleeve, battery pack in front compartment pocket, and Nalgene and headphones in back pocket. Snug fit for the Nalgene and headphones.

Now with a 15

Now with a 15″ Macbook Pro in the back compartment, since it won’t fit in the laptop sleeve. Tighter fit yet for the Nalgene and headphones, and could scratch up a computer without the skin I have on mine.

Detail on outer gusset. Note that the side consists of one piece of leather covering both gussets...this is a somewhat recently added feature that will be on the production models. I think it looks better than cut pieces, which is what the outer seams on the bag are.

Detail on outer gusset. Note that the side consists of one piece of leather covering both gussets, rolling over the center…this is a somewhat recently added feature that will be on the production models. I think it looks better than cut pieces, which is what the outer seams on the bag are (also visible in this picture).

Should strap. I love that there are lots of holes to adjust the length. Shoulder pad is firm with leather insert as padding, but the idea works well.

Shoulder strap. I love that there are lots of holes to adjust the length. Shoulder pad is firm with leather insert as padding, but the idea works well.

Detail on shoulder strap clip. This is prototype hardware, and production models will have the type of clip that slides open on one side only, rather than the lobster claw style shown here.

Detail on shoulder strap clip. This is prototype hardware, and production models will have the type of clip that slides open on one side only, rather than the lobster claw style shown here. See picture of backpack strap clip.

Backpack strap clip detail. Unlike the clip that came on my shoulder strap, this clip does match the hardware the production models will use.

Backpack strap clip detail. Unlike the clip that came on my shoulder strap, this clip does match the hardware the production models will use.

Already has some tan lines :) I'm told these will smooth out over time, but I think it's fairly cool.

Already has some tan lines 🙂 I’m told these will smooth out over time, but I think it’s fairly cool.


Had to share this. 9/16: Before.


9/24: After! No additional treatment–just normal use. Including some short motorcycle rides 😉

10.21.15 Update

I’ve now had my K&H Classic Satchel for just over a month, and think it’s time to give my more experienced thoughts on it. It’s probably worth noting that this is essentially my first leather product, so some things I’ve observed are likely true of all similar leather bags.

Long story short: I love the bag more than ever. Here’s some of my more specific thoughts, too:

  • The leather is tough. It softens up with treatment and likely with time, but it’s just a strong material. This means the bag is sturdy enough to offer some serious protection for your items, especially the internal laptop pocket. I can even pretty comfortably use the bag as an armrest on the bus 🙂 the strength of the leather also means it isn’t ideal to hold some soft items. As the stiff leather folds over, it is capable of squashing items not able to hold their own shape.
  • On that note, my original concern about the K&H satchel not being ideal to hold items that are around that 3″ width mark is still valid. I sometimes get nervous about  the stiff leather pushing down on my headphones, for example, especially when I wear the bag and my body pushes against the back opening. Ideally you’d have the back opening filled with books or other flat things, and use the more organized front opening for smaller things placed in the pockets. The area around the front pockets isn’t too easy to use, but I often slip some papers in front of them, or place my battery pack between them.
  • Transitioning from a conventional backpack takes a bit of practice. I love the true buckle closures, but they slowed me down at first. However, they are more quiet than zippers and allow simpler one-handed use, especially for opening. If you allow the heavy buckles or other hardware to hit hard surfaces they can be quite loud 🙂
  • I thought I’d love the backpack straps and wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of the single pocket, but my opinion has flipped. Except for times that I really need to walk around with the satchel a lot or on longer motorcycle rides, the shoulder strap is faster and more convenient than the backpack straps (especially since I can lift the satchel while open with the shoulder strap…the backpack straps attach to the handle, which is, unfortunately, unusable unless the closure straps are buckled…or you want to spill your stuff everywhere). The single pocket, however, is enormously useful for stowing that one last item that you need quick access to. My roommates jokingly call it a “sandwich pocket,” since it does fit a small sandwich well. I’ve even used it as a phone holster on the shoulder strap, in a pinch.
  • Everyday, I love my satchel more and more. Everyday, my satchel becomes more my own, with deepening tan lines and scuff marks giving it character and identifying it as uniquely mine. Kendal loves this aspect of his bags, he designs them for it, and I couldn’t agree with him more. It is just plain cool. As this is easily the most complimented and admired thing I’ve ever owned, I’d say I’m not alone in this opinion.


11.4.15: Another light treatment and month of use. Developing a bit more brown in the patina and some unique marks.



3.7.16 Update

In part due to my review here, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently been brought onto the review team over at BestLeather! This review on my own website is more detailed and is more likely to be updated and responsive to picture requests, etc., but I did write a review (with even more pictures) on this satchel on BestLeather’s website here.



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29 responses to “Meeting the Designer and Review of the Kendal and Hyde Classic Leather Satchel (2015)

  1. josh smith

    NICE! I’ll trade you my production metal strap clasps for your pre-production metal strap clasps! 😉 …when I get my large in October… …that I ordered in August… can’t wait!

    • Thanks Josh!

      You like the lobster claw style more, huh? They switched to the slide style to prevent any small chance of the clip opening unexpectedly, which makes sense. Kendal tells me eventually they hope to switch to a harness-style quick clip.

      The bag really is a beauty!

  2. Peter Mueller-Meerkatz

    Ordered mine through kickstarted in June/July. Still have not received it and now they are asking me if I am fine with delivery in January.

    No I am not!!!

    • Argh! That’s one very frustrating part about Kickstarter–it seems to be the exception to actually ship things on time. I’m pretty miffed about “Znaps” pushing back their shipping for a couple months, claiming what I thought was a very small problem.

      I’ve spoken with Kendal about these types of issues before. At least in his case, it usually boils down to obsession with perfection. K&H has risked going under for this very thing in the past. The tanning process, in particular, takes forever, so when tanneries disappoint, it sets K&H back big time. You won’t see that bag until it meets every expectation…but that sometimes means having to be patient 😦

      • Peter Mueller-Meerkatz

        In the meantime I have received mine. I have bought the largest size and I was deeply disappointed with it, mainly because it was so heavy that I can´t use it for travelling. European airlines have restrictions on the weight of carry on bags. However I can´t fault the service of Kendal, they have always been in time with answers and kept their promises. Now I am looking for a buyer of my bag, which has not been used once….

      • Ah yes, K&H’s products aren’t exactly for the ultra-light crowd. Sorry about your disappointment, but it’s true that’s just an oversight. I hope someone recognizes how awesome that bag is and will buy it from you. Thanks for your input that they’ve kept up with answers/promises.

    • Patricia Schneider

      I ordered a bag in November….have been in touch with them weekly since Christmas..there is always a song and a dance…NOW it’s a problem with the production of the buckles. If they keep this up they won’t last another year. It’s a shame because the product LOOKS great. I am giving it a few more weeks and then looking for a similar product. Someone with production knowledge needs to look at their business model. Curious….how did your problem get resolved?

      • Hi Patricia – It’s Hyde here from Kendal and Hyde. We are still learning and occasionally mistakes are made that are both simple and complex. Plus we grew from no sales to over our first million within months of launching of our business which has a unique set of problems. Our partner factories (we have 3) make products for some of the biggest names in the industry, however and certainly have the experience but even then mistakes are made as we iron out the process of new and often higher quality products.

        Some mistakes are, as mentioned above just a matter of our quality standards. We have rejected leather on two occasions that wasn’t the quality and color we ordered and have since switched tanneries with much better results. We’d rather take both the financial/time hit to get the products right. The reality, also mentioned above is it takes literally months to get replacements.

        The hardware (the buckle you mention is one of several pieces of hardware that go on the bag) was just a dumb mistake. We ordered Y amount of bags but only X amount of hardware was ordered. The hardware is solid cast brass and most of it is custom made for us from Kendal’s specifications. It’s not off the shelf hardware which is generally zinc alloy so we couldn’t just “buy some more.” It had to be cast for us again which takes a few weeks.

        It might not seem like it sometimes to a customer who hasn’t gotten his or her product yet, but we have shipped literally thousands of orders to satisfied customers. If you’ll hang in there, I’m confident you’ll be satisfied with the final results and the bag will long outlive the frustration of our mistakes that it took to get it just right for you. I hope you’ll be patient. I know it’s frustrating and I can’t wait until we have it all down 100% and we don’t run into these problems. – Hyde

  3. Pierce

    Hi! Thanks for your post! Please, can you post a quick recent pic of how your bag looks now? Or email it to me? Seriously debating the Whiskey vs the Natural and need to see how the natural patina is progressing before I spend $400 and have to wait 2 months. Love the design but some of their natural bags have turned a reddish orange as opposed to the brown on the pics on the k&h site.

    • New photo uploaded! Your mileage may vary, of course.

      I’ve never used leather treatment to try to enhance the color of my bag, only to protect it, but you can ensure you get more of a dark color by treating it correctly. The K&H guys and I’m sure many other leather aficionados out there on the net would be happy to help you figure that out.

  4. Robin

    I will not recommend anyone to get their product unless they have it read. Bought their classic attache at march, the promised delivery date as 10 – 12 weeks. I have been waiting till to date in August, and their updates have always been vague and not informative. When the people who have waited for more than 10 months got fed up waiting and started to question them on Facebook, they deleted our comments. I find this is a very horrible gesture towards us who spend money to support and buy their product. They have yet to answer us why they deleted our comments, so much for their so called “transparency”. I welcome them to contact me if they think my message is untrue, i have all my post screenshot on their facebook before it got deleted by them. What’s the use of a nice designed bag with empty promises with their delivery date and also their disapponting level customer service.

    • Hi Robin, thanks for your experience, though I’m sorry to hear it’s been so negative. I hope Hyde will notice this and give a more formal reply for you and the many others I know who are frustrated with how slowly products have been coming through. I’ll go ahead and add my two cents.

      I disagree with the comment that K&H’s updates have been vague and uninformative. While updates are sparse for my personal liking, when they do come Kendal gives a pretty good picture of progress, including expected time frames. From what I’ve gathered (from both staying up-to-date with the public posts and knowing Kendal personally), they pass on just about everything they know as far as getting products to customers is concerned.

      While deleted Facebook comments could be seen as a poor gesture towards customers, sometimes those comments could be considered a poor gesture towards the company. I could see any company deleting overly negative or hateful posts to their social media, instead choosing to deal with such things privately.

      I think the main issue many have with K&H is simply that they are intensely focused on perfect products at a reasonable price, and, at times, seemingly nothing else. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone in possession of one of their items willing to say something negative about it, and they’re probably thrilled with what they paid. However, the company is still cutting their teeth and in this quest for perfection and taking paths necessary to keep costs down has resulted in some frustrations on their end.

      Long story short, a lot of people have gone on a rampage to try to convince others of the evils of supporting Kendal & Hyde because of the patience required in doing so. However, most seem to be quickly silenced when the product finally comes through. I’m sorry for the frustration of putting your money out there and having promises unfulfilled. Hopefully K&H can continue to improve that aspect of their business without sacrificing the caliber of product and price points that have caused so many to put up with the shortcomings.

      • Robin

        Hey Bobby, thank you for your reply and i actually really like your positiveness towards this and hope i can be as cool as you in regards to this. But as of now while i am typing they have deleted all my comments and OTHER customer’s comment on their Facebook and also banned me from facebook. I can’t comment neither can i voice out anymore about their practice and those all are done without them even trying to communicate with me. Moderating or censoring their content, yes maybe, but what they are doing now is blatantly just trying to silence everyone that asked them about the progress of the goods that they bought, they even deleted their own comment in the progress of doing so. They have refused to reply us for most of the time, but when we start to question them, they deleted my comment and removed me from it, all of that within 24 hours, what’s with the sudden productivity there? All of other customer who saw me disappearing from the facebook are so shocked, they didn’t expect they will be so unprofessional, have K&H contacted me to answer of my questions? Whether i would like my money back? Nope they didn’t. You might argue they are doing this to focus better on their production, but i will respectfully disagree and i think they are just doing this for their own convenience.

      • bundlecast

        It’s Hyde. As Robbin knows, he’s not being completely forthcoming in these comments. He has from me directly, both my personal mobile number and my email.

        He’s definitely correct, however, that we’ve had production issues. And it is very frustrating for customers. I’m personally very sorry for these delays. We continue to work hard to fix these. We are excited that we recently hired a new CEO, who is the former COO of Saddleback.

        His extensive experience will match Kendal’s design skills and soon our production problems will be in the past.

        The products that Kendal designs are amazing and our customers say they are worth the wait.

        That’s not good enough for everybody, I understand that. We have some great competitors out there and encourage people to experience the joy have owning a really well-made bag.


        On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 9:11 AM, Adventures…or whatever. wrote:

        > Robin commented: “Hey Bobby, thank you for your reply and i actually > really like your positiveness towards this and hope i can be as cool as you > in regards to this. But as of now while i am typing they have deleted all > my comments and OTHER customer’s comment on their Face” >

      • Thanks for chiming in, Hyde. My suspicion was that K&H likely had been in touch with Robin, as so far those who have emailed you guys directly seem to be content with the response rate even if the social media updates aren’t frequent. That’s awesome about the new CEO! Hopefully that clears up the issues–it would certainly be saying something if his experience can match the quality of Kendal’s designs.

      • Robin, check out Hyde’s reply for a better response. I’m still not sure why they would erase Facebook posts from their page, I didn’t see them, but this isn’t a malicious company out to get you. If they did reply to your emails and, as it appears, even contacted you by phone, please don’t try to harm their image because of your own frustrations waiting for their product. No one is perfect and it appears they’ve even hired a new CEO to address the productivity slowness.

  5. Dennis

    Hi, thanks for the great review. The satchel seems to be wider at the bottom than at the top. Does it compress if not full or is it pretty rigid? Do the straps help tighten things up and reduce the extra depth? If not, I might consider tying the bottom rings with a slight string to bring the bottom closer together and slim the case down. Would that work?

    • Hey Dennis, I think if the bag was to be completely filled, it would be roughly the same width top and bottom. The gussets at the bottom tend to keep the bottom a bit wider, which is usually a good thing…otherwise the bottom can become a bit unstable and the bag won’t stand up on its own. However, to answer your other question, yes, the straps can be tightened and used to keep the satchel thinner. I got some extra holes placed in my straps to make it even tighter when I want to, since I often end up only carrying my computer and a couple other small EDC items. Thanks for the question!

  6. Herman Roger

    Paid for a K&H attache in May and still have not received my attache.
    I have been patient, as it seems after reading the previous posts that I will need to exercise my patience for quite a while longer. in the past K&H has responded to my inquiries regarding the status of my order but as of the last two months I have made a couple of update requests and these have gone unanswered. This not answering is a cause for concern for a first time customer since my/our experience with K&H is new , I/we have no history with K&H , I/we bought on good faith . Please help us keep the faith by some form of regular update, i.e. bi-monthly or even monthly updates. It would ease the tension of feeling as if you may have been scammed . I trust the process is arduous when it comes to hand producing a top quality product that may last a life time, however customers for life are hard won and easily lost.
    K or H please respond…….

    • Herman, thanks for your experience. Sorry for the wait. If you head over to Kickstarter, they recently posted about starting up some new partnership that they have to be tight lipped about, but it’s further delaying things. It is a shame that for their various reasons they have this one factor, the slowness, harming their otherwise fantastic reputation.

    • Peter

      I am happy to sell mine to you. It has not been used once. If you are interested, leave a comment here and we can get in contact

  7. a. steinberg

    I have a medium, whiskey for sale if interested. mint condition.

  8. Enrique


    Thanks for the awesome review. I just came across it a couple of weeks ago. If you’re still attending to this site, I wonder if you would be willing to post an updated pic of you’re satchel, assuming you still have it? Would love to see how the colors developed and the condition it’s in since your last pic (over a year ago). I was sorry to learn the K&H went out of business, especially since the owners seemed to care about producing a well made product for their customers. Hopefully we see a reincarnation of K&H in the future. I was fortunate to purchase a satchel on eBay and I’m excited to get it. Hope yours is still going strong.

    Take care and thanks again for the solid review.

    • Enrique, you made a great find getting one on eBay. Couldn’t agree more that it’s a shame K&H went under. I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but I will post an updated patina photo of mine when I can. I still love my bag, it’s going strong.

  9. ScottB

    I too am sorry to hear that K&H went out of business. I truly hope my $750 for the attache, extra pockets (sandwich), side pockets and bottle holder went for a good cause as I surely didn’t obtain any benefit. I am slightly offended that as I waited for the attache, as late as last March I purchased a string of accessories and they took my money telling me the accessories would be delivered with the bag.
    By the way, I liked your review and the product as well, though only vicariously!

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